Contractor Marketing

If you are a contractor looking for a professional marketing company look no further. We are a niche company that is dedicated to the success of contractors across the country. We truly understand what it takes for a contractor to be successful in today’s environment.

Being a great marketing company is just like becoming a great contractor meaning it is learned and honed over time. Imagine your very first project that you worked on; you made mistakes, you cut corners, you didn’t know what you didn’t know. We are a great marketing company that has worked with contractors to hone our skill as a marketing company.


Social media marketing

You have heard about it, you may have even tried it, but are you using it to promote your business and/or product. Social Media has revolutionized the way consumers search for products, and has even influenced the products that consumers are buying. Social Media comes in many forms, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube, Instagram, Yelp, Hoot Suite, and many many more.

Social media marketing leverages organic, user-generated content to build and promote a relationship between a company, product, or individual and a target audience. As with any thoughtful marketing initiative, social media marketing should be designed with the audience, ROI, message, and strategy in mind, it is something to take seriously, and put thought into your messaging. Just as important is the need to assess and understand various social media marketing strategies that impact, drive value, and maximize ROI to brand and reputation.


Website design

Most of our clients already have websites and believe that they are working efficiently for them. We want our clients to remember that the website is an extension of their Brand. It is one of the most important Marketing tools that your company has to offer. An outdated website can destroy credibility and eliminate sales. Brand St. Marketing want to make sure that everything is consistent from website, to corporate image, to Marketing materials, to your social media messaging.

Brand St. Marketing has a Website Design Service that gives you personalized attention and service from one of our website design architects at an affordable cost. Your assigned website designer works with you to help define the strategy, look and feel of your Website design in accordance with our proprietary methodology. Then they go to work either creating your one and only custom look or modifying an existing website to produce a custom design for your organization. You can supply the content or we can have one of our copywriters write it.


Branding & Logo

Brand St. creates strategic, insightful brand identities for startups, businesses after an acquisition, merger or new product launch—or just when a company feels that a refresh is in order.

Given the deep competition that exists in all markets—and the ability of consumers to connect and comment across multiple touch points in real time—it’s easy to understand why branding is so important today. Brands are a promise. They transcend product cycles and advertising campaigns to convey a consistent approach to quality, performance and experience.


Childproofer marketing

Having been part of a Childproofing and Pool Fence company, we know firsthand what it takes to become successful in this industry. I know what marketing and branding works and what marketing and branding does not work. Whether you are a part time childproofer looking to become full time, or if you are a full time childproofer looking to be booked for weeks at a time I can help. My goal at Brand St. Marketing is to make childproofers more successful in their geographic area, without spending a lot of money.

Marketing should be a major part of your daily routine and if you are not doing that as a childproofer you are missing out on a lot of business. It is very possible that many people do not even know that there are professionals that childproof in your area. The goal of Marketing and Branding is to educate the unknown consumer about your products. However, you do not want to just send out a message, without properly tailoring it to the right audience. Modernization has changed the way that people are living today, and thus, influences their purchase behaviors.


You Have Now Reached Your Destination.

Welcome To Brand St.

Brand St. Marketing takes a unique approach to the ever changing technological side of the Marketing industry today. Every business needs to be marketed in a unique and customized way. No two companies will use the exact same avenues to create their Brand which is why it is important that you choose a company that loves Branding and Marketing. We eat, sleep, drink, and breathe Marketing and Branding. We are current with all of the new ways to Market your company from iPhone and Droid Apps to the current trend of Social Media

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